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October 2017
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Think of a number …

… then double it!
This is the continuing saga of the ‘Hill Street Blues DVD Box Set. Needless to say, there has been no surprise knock on the door, and no Box Set, wrapped in swaddling clothing, left on the door step.

Let me start with the company that supposedly is sending the Box Set. ‘All Your Music’. there is evidence to indicate that they may be located in Kentucky, USA. Though, I would have been better off if I had placed a bet on a 3-legged, asthmatic donkey in the Kentucky Derby. As every deadline comes and goes, they come up with another, later delivery target. So far, they have quoted ‘5 to 14 business days’,‘5 to 21 business days’, ’10 to 30 business days’, and ‘It’s still most likely that your order will arrive, since the order has not been in transit over 30 days.’

Well, All Your Music, it has seen those 30 days come and go, and no package. And that is 30 Calendar Days, as stated in Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee. Let us face the uncomfortable truth. You do not have a clue, where on earth (literally) the DVD Box Set is! You don’t do tracking, and you have a piss-poor command of geography. Every time I send you an email, you reply with the standard, fob-off letter.
Delivery to the following countries takes longer than usual due to their somewhat slower postal systems and more rigorous customs checks: Italy, Spain, Malta, Greece, Portugal, Eastern Europe.” Look at my address, you numpties. I live in the UK. Trying desperately hard to leave the EU, and (with the once, historical, connection with Malta GC, long gone, not part of southern Europe nor a bureaucratic left-over from the Fall of the Soviet Union.
The All Your Music Customer Support (apparently someone called Paula) signs of with “Kind Regrads” (that’s what it says!), so I must assume that not all the letter is a ‘cut and paste’ hack reply.

Paula has failed to answer a single question. If I assume that she can read, then I can only put it down to 2 possible reasons for ignoring query letters. Company Policy (which would make it a rather dreadful company) or, she just can’t be bothered. Her lips get tired, if she reads.

So there you are. All Your Music has All My Money. And Hill Street Blues has gone off the air.

Duly filed an Amazon A to Z Claim, on the grounds that no goods received 30 days after dispatch. Expected to wait 2 weeks for a result. Amazon returned in under 5 minutes (not business minutes – real minutes!). Claim accepted. Money refunded. Emailed confirmation. Well done, Amazon!
As for All Your Music? Let us hope that their road ahead, is the one said to be ‘paved with good intentions’. Or, to be blunt, they can go to ….

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