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November 2017


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Odd Poems

A world in verse.
            Voices from Methil.

Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
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The Story Feature

Time for a little experiment.

I am going to run one of my books, on this blog. It is actually a series of stories, and will be published, one story, or part of a story for the longer ones, every few days.
The stories are based in my old home town of Methil, and while the story characters are my own invention, I have used old familiar Methil names to give the stories a proper Methil feel. Some of the stories contain a fair bit of local (and other!) dialects, as is right. Fear not! When you get to those un-readable bits, just hold the cursor over the dialect (IE) or click in the dialect (iOS), you will get an English translation. I have not tried this on other browsers, as yet. As far as I know, I have not seen this facility anywhere else. You may know different!

Just to try it out, hold the mouse over the paragraph below (IE) or click the mouse over the paragraph (iOS – click on the post title to reset).

“Wid ye no jist hing oan a minute!”“Would you just wait a moment!”

I would appreciate an comments. (Genuine ones – not spam!)

The story is about ‘The Innerleven Boolin Club’. No real dialect in the first one – but it will come!
Hope that you enjoy it.

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