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June 2018


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Isn’t life wonderful

Been a while, has it not? The wife has successfully come through her heart surgery. Doing fine. OK! It still hurts a lot, but the op did what it was supposed to do, so happy to settle for that. At least, she can get out and about, and drive her car (doc says she can).
Of course, when one thing goes up, another falls down. I was laid low – literally – with a severe bout of vertigo. Possible ear infection. I spent the last 24 hours with my head nailed – not literally – to the pillow. Couldn’t get up. Couldn’t stand. Took 30 miserable minutes to travel 30 feet to the toilet. Felt really ill, and only just made it in time. Take it from me; this is an ailment you really do NOT want to have. After several calls to the 111 Service, you wonder what is worse – feeling really sick, or answering the many, middle-of-the-night phone calls. “Name, date of birth, first line of addree etc …” After going through this ticklist repeat again and again again … “I’m sitting on the toilet, naked, trying not to throw up …” “Yes sir, please answer the question ‘Does your stool look black?'” I know why they ask the questions, but it still makes you want to strangle them!
One good thing. It waited till the wife could cope with her recovery. If it had happened concurrently, it would have been a disaster.

Apart from that, isn’t life wonderful?

2 comments to Isn’t life wonderful

  • Paul Whiting

    Hi Uncle, I hope you are feeling better. Take care, Paul.

  • admin

    Thank you Paul. This tends to linger a bit. The first time, it scares you. The second time, it terrifies you that such a misery can happen again. The third time, it annoys the hell out of you, and makes you so angry, and determined to beat the crap out of it!