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December 2018


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Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
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Dispatch from the Front

I know that it has been a bit quiet here, for the past little while.
We have been fighting the war on more than one front …
The Bathroom Front:
After many visits from builders, plumbers, electrician, carpenters, and supervisors, we now have a bathroom with a wobbly floor, sink in the wrong place, a fan that sucks, and a door that looks like a course on ‘How Not to Fit a Door’. The loose and twisted w.c. is now fixed to the spot, and only slightly squint.
The PIP Front:
The Personal Independence Payment. Replacement for Disability Living Allowance. Personally offensive (their call centre staff – now referred to as ‘The Agents of PIP’ – are the worst set of bureaucratic, ignorant, rude and stupid ‘support’ staff that I have ever encountered!). They have lost a payment, refuse to pay it till it is found, and try to blame us for giving wrong information. There are so many unemployed, this Christmas. Why can’t they be given the jobs after the entire staff of the PIP are rightfully made redundant. The replacements would know very little about the job, but hey! what’s the difference? They would know a damn sight more about compassion, and consideration for others.
We have appealed against their award. So this battle continues on two fronts.
The Sky Front:
Got SKY television. Wow! Freeview has dozens of useless channels. Sky has hundreds of useless channels. If you want anything worth watching, sit out in the garden and watch the birds. Much more interesting. And free!

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