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November 2019


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In the Wrong Order

I believe that the point of going on holiday, is to have a change, relax, from the hard grind of work. To get away from the trials and miseries that life throws under your wheels to deflect your purpose, and add a little discomfort.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem to work that way!

The holiday was, in most parts, enjoyable. The minor less-than-magical moments were far outweighed by the good bits. The intention when I came home, was to post a series of little postcards (with pictures, of course!), and get on with life. Refreshed, and ready to move on to new things. It didn’t work that way. October could well be described as the month that the calendar could manage without.

There is no point in prattling on, in detail, about the seemingly endless series of catastrophe. A simple listing will suffice.

Wife went to (expensive) dentist, for a filling before holiday. Filling broke during holiday. Another ($$$) trip to dentist. Tooth broke. Another ($$$) trip to another dentist. Several weeks of agony, before the bit of broken tooth (missed by dentist) finally came out.

Flat tyre on car. Flat tyre on car. (different cars). Here comes the $$$ again! Flat tyre no.1 was accompanied by a fist-sized dent on front wing, caused by careless parker, who buggered off without leaving a note. Guess what he/she will get for Christmas, if I ever catch them.

Appeal on Personal Independence Payment. What a farce. The Panel were in a rush to go home. I had spent weeks working on case, for wife, and the first thing I was told was “Don’t speak!”. The session never even looked at the reasons for appeal. Just a flurry of ‘leading questions’, ‘hypothetical questions’, and stupid questions. In a proper Court of Law, the Panel’s line of attack would be laughed out of court. When it comes to ‘Court Cases’, ‘My Cousin Vinny’ (recommended film)┬áis held in far-higher regard.

General, all-round ailments, screw-ups with the credit card ($$$), etc. etc. etc. I could do with a holiday to recover.

Anyway, October has gone, and we are now in November. So the next posting will be our further adventures in Canada. Coming real soon.

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