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April 2024


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Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
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Still here somewhere!

It has been a while. Have been very busy writing a book or two – or more.

Once again, I have to deal with literary agents. Writing is fun, but trying to cope with different agents who all have their own little requirements. Rarely two the same. I don’t mind rejects. I don’t expect […]


Beware of updates! I unthinkingly applied a recommended update to a theme, and it erased every single trace of the mods that I had carefully built.

So lost the last post, but had a backup, and returned my original data. My fault – but all the ‘new look’ of the WordPress admin, made it […]


After Niagara, our next stop was Barrie, Ontario. Never heard of the place, but it seemed to be conveniently located, so we booked in to the Quality Inn, Barrie. Usually, we stay at Motel 6, but there aren’t any in that part of the world. I was not impressed by the initial booking, because […]

In the Wrong Order

I believe that the point of going on holiday, is to have a change, relax, from the hard grind of work. To get away from the trials and miseries that life throws under your wheels to deflect your purpose, and add a little discomfort.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem to work that way!

The holiday […]

The Mighty Waters

The drive up to Niagara, avoiding the Toll roads, meant that we never managed to find an eating place en-route. The Motel 6 provided a rubbish map of the town, which resulted in our walking the wrong way, desperately looking for a meal. Reluctantly, we tried the local branch of McDonalds. Never again! We […]

An open or shut case?

This was our second visit to the township of Jim Thorpe – named after one of America’s athletic greats. The original name was Mauch Chunk, but Jim Thorpe’s widow allowed them to bury Jim, if they changed the name of the town. So, they buried Jim way up the road at the edge of […]

Week of the Living Dead

One thing in life is certain – if you are travelling from motel to motel in the USA, then the WiFi quality will vary between slow and intermittent. Hence the delay in sending the next episode.

Lake Harmony. And Pennsylvania. Been here before. One Christmas, years ago. The place was nothing special, but the […]

Avoiding the Toll

A quick bus trip from the Terminal to the Car Rental office. We’d done well, so far, but car rentals are fraught with all kinds of disaster. Long queues, missing staff, missing cars – the list of screw-ups has a bizarre consistency. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and in ways unimaginable. […]

On the road

Well, here we are, once more, in the USA.

Planning has paid off! We left early enough, and survived an hour-long traffic jam on the M25. Why was the traffic stopped? Because the traffic was holding it up! No obstructions, no accidents, just slowing down because the traffic in front was slowing down. Makes […]

New text editor

B to A

They have changed the editor, so this is a bit of an experiment. Tried the preview, so it seems to work … so far!

New paragraph. Red text. Looks odd.

Back to black. Let’s try that.