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August 2017
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The Annexe

The Annexe

The Annexe
The complete (all fourteen chapters) story in the 'Lower Methil Annexe' series!
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Odd Poems

A world in verse.
            Voices from Methil.

Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
2,000+ titles with covers, comments and other features.
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The Kelpies

Not everything on our holiday, was dreadful. One day was spectacularly good. The day that we travelled to Falkirk to see the Kelpies.

The Kelpies (Water Horses) are a 30 metre high (nearly 100 feet for us oldies) sculpture. Two magnificent horses’ heads; gleaming metal on a sun-filled day. I am not a fan of […]

Midnight Interlude

Before I get back to describing my wonderful (?) holiday in SouthWest Scotland, I must tell you about our midnight visitor.

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you can find articles on Hedgehogs: How to spot them, feed them, care for them, preserve them (pickled in vinegar!), people bemoaning their scarcity etc. etc. We don’t […]

North by SouthWest

Hello again. Been a long time. Hard days. But, eventually, we managed to get away for a break; a week’s holiday in Ayrshire. An interesting place – may well have been where they filmed Papillion, and the future scenes in the Terminator film series. Just go North, then SouthWest, and – if you have enough […]

Under the Double Sun

I thought that I had lost this photo, but no! I found it again by sheer luck. This was taken in September 2016. I have never seen this before, but if you look up ‘double sun’ on the internet, then you will see that it does happen – but very, very rarely.

The last […]

The First Book Choice of 2017

If you like a good Fantasy series, then the ‘Chronicles of Amber’ by Roger Zelazny, come highly recommended.

Somehow, the 6th in the series seems highly appropriate for the coming year. I’ll leave you to judge for yourself.

Welcome to 2017

Been a while since I posted anything. Hardly anyone noticed, because hardly anyone reads this blog. Nothing like looking reality in the face!

I have been very busy, doing lots of other things. Decorating (walls and ceilings – not cakes!), designing braking systems (somehow, people who need braking systems come to me. No idea why […]

Collective nouns – 1

One of the main features of my childhood education, was the determined effort by schools, to teach children ‘useful’ information – such as ‘collective nouns’. We were required to memorise whole pages of useful information pertaining to a group of animals or other things. ‘A gaggle of geese’ ‘A shoal of herring’ ‘A court of […]

Welcome to the Hotel Pandemonium

I recently re-visited my old home town of Methil (or Levenmouth, as the local minions of the bureaucratic State insist on calling it!). The wife and I were attending a family get-together. It was a chance to renew old ties and acquaintances.

We stayed in a local hotel. Boy, was that a mistake! The service […]

Women Drivers

At one time, women drivers were the butt of many a joke. The majority of drivers were men, and a woman driver was ‘obviously less capable’ than a man. Utter claptrap, of course, but a lot of inept male drivers needed some target to deflect criticism from their own inadequacies. Just how they coped with […]

Dear Coca-Cola …

Dear Coca-Cola.

My wife happened to like the original Coke Zero. Now you have gone and improved it. Why?

Did you not learn from the last time that you improved Coca-Cola. New Coca-Cola turned out to be one of the all-time great corporation screw-ups. A ‘Classic’ disaster, self-inflicted and utterly stupid.

So, of course, you […]