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February 2024


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A world in verse.
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Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
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Mesklin is the creator of tachras and the author of some (but nowhere near all!) of the stories and poetry that you will find on the tachras web-site.

Mesklin started in website creation by building the TalkingScot genealogy forum – see the appropriate link. After watching over TalkingScot until it was capable of running itself, he donated it free (and without thanks) to the TS Coh-mittee. He accepts no responsibility for the way it is run by its present keepers.

tachras was set up to provide a showcase where budding writers could get their work shown in public, and displayed in a way that added to the story. Authors would write and tachras would present.

Despite a major catastrophe (or two or three) in 2009, when the web-host did a runner without warning, tachras has been largely rebuilt, smartened up a bit, and this Blog added so that there could be some feedback. Not finished by a long way, but getting there.

Mesklin is a Fifer (despite all the Glesca fare by some of the best writers out there), ex Coal Board sparkie, and has been in a host of other occupations. Some might even call it work!

A signatory of the Omani Secrets Act, hitch-hiker in his youth (and later!), traveller and fond friend of those United States, and a guest aboard a Nuclear Submarine. Author, poet (we all have the odd delusion) and driver of an old Jaguar (5 reliable years!) and currently a SAAB. Just a few things to add into an obituary one day.

And a Scourge to those who treat the working man or woman like dirt! Banks, debt collectors, councils and bureaucracy everywhere. Beware. We know where you hide!