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November 2023


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A world in verse.
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Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
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Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to one and all!

Cara’s story

The previous post – “Spare a Minute” – is taken, without context, from a complete story that was written several years ago. It was a troubled time, and there were many moments when the future looked dark and miserable. The story was written, in four parts, exactly as it happened, with no guarantee how the […]

Spare a Minute

This story already features in tachras, but I thought that it should be brought to the front, again.

At last, we come to it. Weeks of waiting. Dark nights and long grey days. Somehow, they have passed and this is the day. Whatever happens, I feel that the day’s pronouncements – no matter how grim […]

Dispatch from the Front

I know that it has been a bit quiet here, for the past little while. We have been fighting the war on more than one front … The Bathroom Front: After many visits from builders, plumbers, electrician, carpenters, and supervisors, we now have a bathroom with a wobbly floor, sink in the wrong place, a […]

Isn’t life wonderful

Been a while, has it not? The wife has successfully come through her heart surgery. Doing fine. OK! It still hurts a lot, but the op did what it was supposed to do, so happy to settle for that. At least, she can get out and about, and drive her car (doc says she can). […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Truly Awful

Some companies are good to work with. Some are neither here nor there, and their are some whose continued existence is a puzzle to the thinking mind.

Two simple events occurred just over a week ago. I left off talking about it, till a time when a cooler mind could look back and review the […]

Back Again

It can truly be said that some days are better than others. Unfortunately, that cannot be said of the past few. Or, more than few …

Work has brought all the old miseries. Jobs that were done, dusted, and hopefully buried in a crypt, somewhere. Like an old Hammer Horror film, they just keep on […]

Crap Shoe Shuffle

In my life, I have worn a lot of shoes. Good shoes, average shoes, bad shoes. Usually, I bought what I could afford. Occasionally, and only when I was young, something fashionable. In the summer, sandshoes (plimsoles, gym shoes, or gutties, if you like). In the winter, wellies or leather shoes if your mum could […]

Think of a number …

… then double it! This is the continuing saga of the ‘Hill Street Blues DVD Box Set. Needless to say, there has been no surprise knock on the door, and no Box Set, wrapped in swaddling clothing, left on the door step.

Let me start with the company that supposedly is sending the Box Set. […]

Faster and yet faster!

In this hectic modern life, we will often hear the same old complaint … “Things just get faster and faster. We can barely keep pace. Things were slower (and better) in the good old days!”

So let us compare the ‘good old days’ with our accelerating and breathless new world.

I ordered a DVD box […]