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September 2017
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The Annexe

The Annexe

The Annexe
The complete (all fourteen chapters) story in the 'Lower Methil Annexe' series!
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Odd Poems

A world in verse.
            Voices from Methil.

Dave’s Booklist

Dave's Book List

Dave's Book List
2,000+ titles with covers, comments and other features.
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Dear Coca-Cola …

Dear Coca-Cola.

My wife happened to like the original Coke Zero. Now you have gone and improved it. Why?

Did you not learn from the last time that you improved Coca-Cola. New Coca-Cola turned out to be one of the all-time great corporation screw-ups. A ‘Classic’ disaster, self-inflicted and utterly stupid.

So, of course, you […]

Still Hanging Out to Dry

I recently posted my experiences dealing with the Whirlpool corporation, and their inept handling of the ‘Dangerous Tumble Dryer Farce’. When will they come and fix it? In May, they said June. In June, the said [blank] On the phone, they insisted that it would be June. The manager confirmed it. Right up to the […]

Hey nonny no!

Went and visited Ely, once again. I like the place. You can keep Newmarket, and Cambridge is a dead-loss – full of buses, cyclists and hypodermic needles.

Ely has a very impressive Cathedral, a regular street market on a Saturday, and is popular with people from a lot of different places. It rivals Doncaster in […]

It’s 2 in the morning … yet again!

There are lots of people working hard, trying to preserve garden wildlife: feed the birds, build a ‘bug hotel’, make a gateway for hedgehogs. All very commendable. “If you see a hedgehog ,” they say “let us know all about it! Hedgehogs are becoming a rarity!” Not in my garden. With the warm, summer nights, […]

Into the Fire.

You all had your chance to vote. You voted to leave the European Union. You will have to live with the consequences. I shall inform you that I voted to ‘Remain’. The EU is flawed, but the ideal is still something to be desired.

You believed the claim that £650,000,000 a week would be available […]

Hung Out to Dry

You may have noticed that there has been a bit of a kerfuffle (fun word!) about tumble driers. In particular, ones from the Whirlpool group – Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit etc. Some of them appear to have a tendency to gather fluff and catch fire, possibly burning your house down to the ground in the process […]

Hanging on

Been a fairly miserable month. Not been good for the wife and myself; doctors, dentists, and other ‘professionals’. Lots of running to and fro – not a lot of getting things fixed. Costing lots of money, though …

Have been through the latest batch of submissions. One acknowledged receipt (no human intervention required) but said […]

The Honest Soldier

The Honest Soldier Brave knight, come near And I will give you gold A ring around your finger Of cost untold, And craftsmanship beyond your knowing Just pledge to me In battle, bold That you will crush my enemies And lay them low No mercy spared Or die in battle glorious Victorious in my cause.



It is now May. I am certain that, for the past few months, it has rained more days than not. Spring is here, the temperature is gradually rising, flowers are beginning to bloom. The grass everywhere, is green, and growing rapidly. My mower can barely keep up. So I find it difficult to understand why […]


Count the days    and make them precious Live the hours    as though they were your last Spare a minute    to ease the fears of others In a moment    all of this will pass.